Welcome to Ottawa Frontrunners!

The Women of Ottawa Frontrunners invite all women to come and join them as they venture out for twice weekly social runs. Whether you have never run before, run a little, or run a lot, you will find a warm, supportive, and encouraging welcome at Ottawa Frontrunners. Walkers too are very welcome.

Ottawa Frontrunners is a diverse club that welcomes LGBTTQ+ community and friends.  Women in Ottawa Frontrunners participate along with men in our twice weekly runs and walks. Although we are founded as a running and walking club, our group does so much more: breakfast, potlucks, pub nights, the arts, and many other fun and engaging activities.

If you are planning on joining us please, let us know in advance (by sending an e-mail to ofr@ottawafrontrunners.org or contacting us through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/frontrunnersottawa/) so that we can look out for you and can arrange for someone to run with you at your chosen speed and (or) distance. In the meantime, explore our Web site where you will find links to Community Organizations and other resources.

We are excited to meet you!